Offshore company formation

Offshore company formation in UAE

A company can be established offshore, that is away from the UAE mainland and not in a free zone.

An offshore company is a legal business that is established with the intention of operating outside its registered jurisdiction or location of ownership. In the majority of cases, offshore companies do not need to occupy physical office space, but in turn, cannot undertake extensive any business activities in the country of its origin. 

Offshore company formation in UAE is a fast-growing sector of new business setup in the country. 

For investors looking at offshore company registration in Dubai, favored considerations include the ability to create or maintain wealth, hold or protect property and other assets, and offer international trading, contracting and consulting services from a single location.

Benefits of Offshore Company setup in Dubai is an assurance of confidentiality over ownership and related financial affairs.

Structural benefits

When compared to many other jurisdictions, the UAE has a highly regulated banking system, sophisticated infrastructure and facilities, cutting-edge telecommunications networks, and easy access to international markets.

Registering an offshore company in UAE spells out several business benefits:

  • Stable and business-friendly legal system
  • Flexible regulatory regime
  • Tax neutrality
  • Separation and protection of assets
  • Gateway to international markets
  • Access to global funding

All offshore companies in UAE can open multi-currency accounts in the country and carry out business internationally.

Incorporation of offshore companies is relatively easy, quick, and simplified, and we often complete the process in a few days. Call us today to know more about our services and cost for a offshore company formation.

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