Accounting & Supervision

Accounting & Supervision:


Our dedicated professionals review the financial systems to identify internal control weaknesses and suggest effective ways to install strong internal controls to achieve the goals of minimization of the risks of errors, omissions and frauds and to safeguard the assets of the organization.

Back-Office Support and Supervision Services – The owner/managers of small and medium-sized family-owned and managed organizations may not find it viable to employ a full-time accountant nor can they afford to spend the time to look after the accounting function. In such cases the important accounting function takes a back seat thus, NUF steps in to fill the vacuum of a qualified accountant and makes the owners and management free to concentrate on their business. Our Back-Office Support division offers full-range of our services, comprising:

Installation of accounting software;
Training the data-entry staff;
Monthly accounting and documentation;
Preparation of reconciliation statements;
Job costing;
Closure of monthly/quarterly accounts;
Devising of management report formats; and
Preparation of monthly/quarterly management reports

For clients employing full-time junior accountants, we pay regular visits to assist the clients for the guidance and training of their staff, supervise their work and provide regular management reports. Thus, by structuring the package of our services we provide the client’s continuity in their business and value for their money by assisting them in providing regular monthly management information to make informed and timely business decisions.

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