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Latest Updates on VAT Refund

A foreign company that conducts business in the United Arab Emirates is eligible for VAT (Value Added Tax). According to the Federal Tax Authority’s regulations and norms..

Tax Flash

Revised Tax Penalties for various defaults under UAE VAT Law and amendments in Executive Regulations 24/07/2021 10 Mins read The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has revised..

Annual Budget Review 2022 and Financial Audit 2021 for Jointly Owned Property

We are writing to inform you about the RERA circular regarding Budget Review and Financial Audit of Jointly Owned Property Managed by Community Management Company. These..

All you Need to know about VAT Audit

The UAE introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) regime in 2018, which applies to goods and services. VAT is fundamentally a self-assessment process where a taxable..

How Can Outsourcing Auditing Help In Your Business Growth?

An audit is a visual review or a detailed analysis of a company’s books of accounts. An audit is a critical feature that any company must..

How Auditing Helps In The Efficiency Of The Business?

In these difficult times of pandemic, the survival of businesses has become very much difficult and as the owner of the business, you have to look..

Common Business Valuation Methods

The method of assessing the correct economic value of a business or a business unit/company is known as business valuation. Obtaining a business valuation is critical..

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Functions in Dubai

Outsourcing means supplying your services to the firm/companies outside your region, and there are many benefits of outsourcing your business functions like accounting, auditing, taxation, etc…

Elements Of A Good Valuation Report

A valuation report is a detailed inspection report that determines the valuation of your business and also many more things like profitability, and ability that goes..

5 Things To Consider While Choosing An Auditor For Your Company

An audit is the review or verification of the company’s account books. An audit allows you to know whether your business accounts are a true reflection..

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