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Relaxations In IFRS 9 Gives More Flexibility To UAE Banks

The Central Bank of UAE has issued a statement in which it has introduced a new requirement for all banks to apply anInternational Financial Reporting Standards..

Economic Substance Regulations

As a committed member of OECD inclusive framework, and in response to the UAE’s tax framework by the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct Group on..

DMCC Removes Trade Barriers For Its Member Companies

In Dubai, there are several free zones that provide particular locations for the establishment and operations of various industries, they also assist them in the growth..

Disruption In Financial Statements

Disruption….Disruption….Disruption that’s what we are hearing from the past few months. Disruption on human lives, Disruptionin development, disruption in economies and for businesses disruption in financial..

Good News: FTA Issues list of Products Exempted from New Introduced Excise Tax

To suppress the damaging consumption patterns and improve the standard of life are the leading goals behind the Cabinet’s choice to expand the scope of excise..

Stages of external Audit Process

Stages of external Audit Process An external audit takes place focuses on a company’s performance and compliance. All the records related to the audit examined in..

What are the Differences Between Accountants and Auditors?

There are differences between auditing and accounting even when they do nearly the very same things and have nearly comparable tasks. They have different tasks that..

VAT Registration Threshold Calculation in UAE

Worth included tax (VAT) is generally a tax that is implemented on the goods and services which is imposed at their sale. This is, in fact,..

How to find a TRN number of a company

How to find a TRN number of a company The Tax Registration Number (TRN) is a special 15-digit number gotten after the VAT registration of a..

Financial Records to be maintained for a VAT Audit in UAE

Financial Records to be maintained for a VAT Audit in UAE A tax audit is an exam conducted by the Federal Tax Obligation Authority (FTA). To..

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