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AML CFT Compliance services

AML /CFT Compliance services | Dubai, UAE | NUFCA At NUFCA, we recognize how the need to deal with regulatory requirements can usually become an undesirable distraction for customers. The service is to designate reputable company to take care of those needs. With our know-how in compliance, AML policies and…
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Economic Substance Regulations In The UAE

Economic Substance Regulations The UAE has enacted Economic Substance Regulations (“ESR”) that applies in all UAE jurisdictions, including all free zones and financial free zones such as the DIFC. The businesses in the UAE will now have to prove their Economic and Substantial existence in the UAE and have to apply…
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Information Technology

We provide specialist IT advice and support at all key stages of the business cycle, from the initial requirement to development and implementation of complex ERP Systems. Our core expertise is to develop customize IT solutions for Manufacturing and Banking Industry of India & Pakistan. NUF conduct system study to find…
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Business Consultancy Services

NUFCA is the best Business Consultant In Dubai. Our enthusiasm has actually had to do with beginning business, running them efficiently, and also carrying out and also taking care of modification to be successful. We have actually taken the very best ability throughout our network of business and also developed…
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We offer a wide range of specialist offshore services that can help you to protect your assets and minimize your tax liabilities through offshore structures, including trusts and companies. Get in touch for all business queries SubjectSuccess fullfillStartUp businessLeadership workBusiness Growth Consult today SAIF Zone Approved Auditors DSO Approved Auditors DIFC approved…
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Outsourcing & Payroll

If you are considering outsourcing your financial administration, we are well placed to assess your needs and provide the solution. We deliver consistent service quality that meets your evolving needs. Whatever the size of your organisation, our computerised and fully automated payroll service can free you from the burden of…
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Value Added Tax

VAT Consultancy In Dubai From the 1st of January 2018, Value Added Tax (VAT) has entered into effect in the UAE. If, as a service, you have actually not yet prepared NUFCA will help you as VAT Consultancy in Dubai(UAE) for VAT registration, it is essential that you must plan for the impact of VAT over…
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Audit & Assurance

We give the best Services There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to…
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